Open the gates from the comfort of your car or simply press the control button and you’re in. Our systems can even detect your car and open the gates when they see you. We can flush fit the motors in the ground or bolt them to the back of the gates. We can even configure them to work when you want them to which adds more security to your property.

It doesn’t matter who fitted your gates we can automate them, and on those cold winter nights you can stay in the warm car while we open the gates for you. Feel free to call our office for a free no obligation quote.

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“It's very reassuring to have this cover from SMS, especially as we are in London a lot - thanks for dashing over.”



“Very fast and efficient, Thanks for the Intruder Alarm and thanks for all the advice.”

H Claas

Nokia Siemens

“Thanks for providing us with a fast and efficient service.”

Simon T


“The cleanliness of the workmanship and the neat installation are a credit to you and your team. The controls are easy to use and we haven’t had a single problem with the installation”

John C


“Your company went above and beyond what we were expecting and I can’t thank you enough”

Karen D