If you want to know who is at the door or the gate then this is the right section for you, we can supply you with an audio system or if you really want to know then consider video, this will show you. Once you have confirmed the caller’s authenticity then press the lock button and they can let themselves in.

We can incorporate a keypad so regular callers can have a code to let themselves in without bothering you. Don’t worry if we can’t run cables as we can go wireless or even GSM for those big distances. If you have one door or 500 then we have the right system for you.

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“Great Team, keep up the good work”

Joan W


“It's very reassuring to have this cover from SMS, especially as we are in London a lot - thanks for dashing over.”



“The cleanliness of the workmanship and the neat installation are a credit to you and your team. The controls are easy to use and we haven’t had a single problem with the installation”

John C


“We need more companies like yours out there, perfect installation and we now feel a lot safer”

Miss Bridges


“Your company went above and beyond what we were expecting and I can’t thank you enough”

Karen D