Control exactly who comes into your property, our systems are very flexible they will control what times users can come in, they can even determine how many times access is allowed. Swipe Card, Proximity, Biometrics, coded entry, the possibilities are vast but rest assured only authorised users can get in.

Our systems will monitor the user and they can give you all the times they used their card they will even tell you if they attempted to access a restricted area. We can keep all your doors secure or only a few the list is endless. Feel free to call for further advice and help.

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“Great Team, keep up the good work”

Joan W


“We need more companies like yours out there, perfect installation and we now feel a lot safer”

Miss Bridges


“Thank you so much for all the help and advice, it’s rare to find a company with your attitude and it’s nice to know we are now secure”

Mrs L


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“It's very reassuring to have this cover from SMS, especially as we are in London a lot - thanks for dashing over.”